Tachiyomi – Download Tachiyomi mobile app for free 2021

If you’re looking for a story-reading app that’s both free and has great features, you can’t ignore the Tachiyomi app. Let’s find out about this app, at the homepage https://tachiyomi.app/

About the Tachiyomi



Tachiyomi is a free open source comic book reader for Android 5.0 and up devices. When using this app, you can enjoy adding many favorite comic book sources from many different websites without paying a fee. Moreover, when reading, you will not be bothered by any advertisements. Therefore, your entertainment will become more wonderful.

With the popularity of smartphones, you can now read comics at the Tachiyomi app whenever you want: while waiting for the bus, before bed, or just for entertainment.

The Tachiyomi app has all the best features that every comic enthusiast needs.

Tachiyomi app has the ability to store comic book lists on the app, bookmarks, search history with a huge source of stories from major comic book sources in Vietnam and around the world in many different languages with completely free of charge.

Tachiyomi app

Tachiyomi app

Another great feature is that the App updates stories every day to help you reach out to your favorite series’ new chap as soon as possible.

What makes people love this app is that there are no ads, fast story load, and very rarely crash errors.

You can also sync the chapters you’ve read to story list systems like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, Bangumi.

How to Download and Use the Tachiyomi App?

How to download?

Install the Tachiyomi comic app simply by pressing the download button, the app will automatically install on your phone, just tap the app icon on the phone screen – appears after the installation is ready to read the story for free!

You can download the Tachiyomi app by clicking the download button below.

download the Tachiyomi app

download the Tachiyomi app

How to use it?

To use the Tachiyomi app to read comics, you need to note that on the app interface there will be 5 tabs: Library, New Update, History, Browse, Add.

First, you go to the Browse tab to add story sources to the app. Then you continue to press the “add-on” tab, you can click select languages such as English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and any language you want to read. At this point, the screen will show available story sources and choose to install the sources you like.

Next, you install stories that you like to read to the app by clicking on the Source tab, which you can find by going directly to the story web or entering the story name on the search box. Tap the found comic, select Add to Library.

In the New Update Tab, swipe from the top down to load the new chap yourself. Also with the History Tab will tell you where you’re reading. To download the story to the offline reader, you tap the story, select the 3 dots on the top right of the screen, select Download.

Benefits of using Tachiyomi App

Just one tap on the app without having to go through the additional step of logging in to the website and waiting for the load is what makes viewers prefer to use the story-reading Tachiyomi app rather than surfing the web.

Besides, the app interface is more friendly and suitable for the phone screen to help viewers read stories easily without zooming in, aligning from the website to match the phone screen.

Although the reading app will need funding to maintain, there are still fewer ads appearing than websites that annoy viewers. In addition, a website has a lot of useful features such as saving your favorite story list, downloading stories to read offline, updating stories quickly, or newspapers when the story has a new chapter.

The article already introduced you to the Tachiyomi comic book reading app, which can provide you with a huge comic book store and is completely free!