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By | August 23, 2021

Reading is a form of entertainment that is loved by many people. With the popularity of smartphones, reading comics on digital platforms is chosen by many people. To meet that demand, the Tachiyomi APK was developed to provide endless entertainment for comic book lovers. Let’s find out about this app.

All about Tachiyomi APK

Tachiyomi android is a comic book reading app developed by inorichi. This app allows you to read comics from major sources across different countries for free. Not only that, you can download comics offline and manage story sources easily with the app.

Tachiyomi apk

This app allows you to read hundreds of thousands of different series without paying any fees. This is a pretty well-reviewed comic book reading app with features like the comic book series being constantly updated. It supports multiple languages for users to read.

In addition, this application also has a fast download speed, readers do not have to wait too long. Moreover, the app offers additional features such as tracking marked favorites, rich story genres- especially apps that are notified when there’s a new chapter and are always available to help readers.

Great features of Tachiyomi android

APP is one of the best comic book reading apps on mobile. Below are the outstanding features that it brings.

Lots of good manga

One of the best features that this app offers is a variety of manga sources. There are now more than 15,000 different categories available on the app.

If you’re passionate about romance stories, you can easily find the top romance books on the app. If you’re passionate about reading horror stories, you’re free to enjoy it.

In general, the number of comics is very diverse, you do not need to worry about not being able to find the type of story that you love.

Create folders to categorize manga

Are you worried that you don’t have enough time to sort out or aren’t good at arranging your favorite comics shelf? Don’t worry because the app will help you do that. This is the app’s sorting feature.

Great features of Tachiyomi android

Great features of Tachiyomi android

On the Tachiyomi apk, the developer has created a lot of different folders so that users can categorize the story genres by different types.

To organize each folder together, all you need to do is just one click. Categorizing like this will make it easier to find your favorite genres of stories. This feature is extremely useful for those who are busy.

Follow comics from different websites

You may be worried that your favorite books will be published heterogeneity on various websites, so you’ll miss out on the best chapters. However, you do not have to worry too much because the app will update the source of stories from many different websites and bring all the chapters to the same place on the app.

The feature of the app is to allow users to organize the websites they are following into a place where the latest news or story collections will be constantly informed and updated to the user. With this feature, you just need to open the app to be able to update and read the latest chapters on the homepage. This way, you won’t miss any interesting chapters.

Many different languages are available

Language is what worries people who are passionate about reading stories the most because there are many apps that only support limited languages. But with Tachiyomi, you don’t need to worry anymore because the app supports a lot of languages, English, Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese.

Now, you just need to choose the book and genre you like, then convert to a language that you can use fluently and enjoy the content.

Tachiyomi app android is a free comic reader with many great features. You can now read any kind of comic you like in any supporting language.

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