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By | August 23, 2021

Reading is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. With the development of digital platforms, the endless story store has been digitized in an app called Tachiyomi IOS. Now, you can read comics for free anywhere, anytime with just a mobile device. Let’s find out what Tachiyomi Iphone is like.

About Tachiyomi IOS

Tachiyomi IOS

Tachiyomi IOS

App is a free comic book reader with a huge number of stories. The app allows users to read thousands of stories anywhere, anytime with just a smartphone or tablet.

The application was developed in open-source form. Therefore, the source of use can enjoy adding comic sources from many different websites in an unlimited way.

When using this app, you don’t have to worry about being bothered by ads. The Tachiyomi app is a convergence of all the best traits a user needs in a great-looking app. 


  • The open-source app allows free reading from a variety of sources
  • Read completely free both online and offline
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Multilingual support
  • Not disturbed by ads
  • Lots of other great features
  • Multiple reading modes
  • Color filter on demand that you can customize your background-color
  • Create your favorite reading list
  • Clear functional user interface
  • Read comics online and download chapters for offline reading
  • Modify view, size, and reading direction
  • Customize the interface with a dark theme
  • Lots of extensions to enhance the functionality of the application
  • Include local Japanese comics in your catalog or reading list
  • The content is translated into English. So you won’t miss the details of an individual chapter.
  • Update regularly to remove errors. So the app still works smoothly and quickly
  • There is a large library of manga. You filter the chapter as you please. So reading comics is easy and comfortable.

Great features of Tachiyomi IOS

Great features of Tachiyomi IOS

Great features of Tachiyomi IOS

Variety of sources

With the Tachiyomi ios, you can now read thousands of different comic books and books, numbering up to 15,000. Comic themes are very diverse, including action, adventure, romance, comedy, drama, etc.

For those who love romance, it’s easy to find the topic of romance on the app. Similarly, if you love detective action stories, you can find the topic you like. In short, the app has all kinds of comics that meet a variety of interests.

Easy to categorize

Organizing your favorite topics into the same category will save you time searching. However, the arrangement will not be easy for busy people or those who are not good at arranging. And this app helps you solve that when the developer offers features that automatically sort each category in each folder differently.

To categorize the categories together, all you need to do is click simply, after which the folders will be automatically created and classified as stories instantly.

Supports many different languages

If other reading apps are limited in the number of languages, “Tachiyomi iphone ipab” supports readers in a variety of languages. Currently, this application is available in many different languages such as English, Japanese, French, Chinese, and also Vietnamese.

Now, you don’t need to worry that the comics you love don’t support the language you use. Instead, you just need to choose the type of story you like, then switch to the type of language you master and enjoy its content.

Friendly interface

There’s nothing great about reading stories on an app that looks good and is easy to read. This gives you a better reading experience. And the Tachiyomi ios is rated as one of the most user-friendly apps. If you’ve tried using the app, you’ll get that the app’s images and graphics are extremely sharp.

There’s nothing better than having great entertainment moments with the Tachiyomi app ios. Not only do you read comics for free, but you also customize the app to suit your personal preferences

Link Download

Version for Android phones >>> https://tachiyomi.app/tachiyomi-apk/

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